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MIG Welder Rentals

MIG welding equipment ranging from all-in-one wire feeder welders to industrial MIG welding packages available in various combinations of power sources and wire feeders. With an equipment fleet of over 60,000 pieces, we offer some of the best rental rates on MIG welders and other welding equipment.

MIG Welder Options

The MIG welding process allows for fast travel speeds that increase production rates. Generally, MIG welding requires less operator skill than processes such as TIG and stick welding. For hobbyists, job shops, and light industrial applications, there are all-in-one MIG welding machines complete with built in wire feeder. Larger MIG welding packages are available for industrial applications which come complete with power source, wire feeder, drive roll kits, torch, flow-meter, regulators, ground cables, and gas hoses.

Millermatic 180
  • Procédés: MIG, Wirefeeders, Flux-Cored
  • All-in-one Wire Welding Package
  • Welds 24 Gauge - 5/16 in Mild Steel
  • Auto-Set™ Technology

Lincoln Power MIG 180C
  • Procédés: MIG, Wirefeeders, Flux-Cored
  • Combination Wire Feeder/MIG, Flux-Cored Welder
  • 30 - 180 Amp Welding Range
  • Welds Up to 3/16" with MIG, 1/2" Flux-Cored
  • Welds Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminum

Millermatic 251
  • Procédés: MIG, Wirefeeders, Flux-Cored
  • Welding Range 30 to 300 Amps
  • Solid Steel, Stainless Steel and Flux-Cored Welding
  • .023 - .045" Solid MIG, .035" Flux-Cored Wires

Millermatic 252
  • Procédés: MIG, Wirefeeders, Flux-Cored
  • Push-Pull Gun Direct Connect - No Extra Module Required
  • Features No-Tool, Quick-Change Reversible Drive Rolls
  • Active Arc Stabilizer Technology

Power MIG 255C
  • Procédés: MIG, Wirefeeders, Flux-Cored
  • Diamond Core Technology Delivers a Wide Voltage Sweet Spot
  • 115V Auxiliary Receptacle
  • Digital Meters

Millermatic 350P
  • Procédés: MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored
  • Built-in Pulsed MIG Programs
  • Single or Three-Phase Input Power with Line Voltage Compensation
  • Aluminum Pulse Hot Start

EX360, LN25 PRO / S74 MIG Package
  • Procédés: MIG, Pulsed MIG, Flux-Cored
  • Multi-Process MIG Package
  • DC CC CV
  • 350 Amps at 60% Duty-Cycle Output
  • Bench or Suitcase Wire Feeder Options

FX360XL / FX650XL, LN25X MIG Package
  • Procédés: MIG, Flux-Cored
  • Multi-Process MIG Package
  • DC CC CV
  • CrossLinc Technology - Remotely Control Preset Voltage Without a Control Cable
  • FX360XL or FX650XL Power Source Options
  • Available in 4Pak, 6Pak and 8Pak Configurations

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MIG Welder Rental Rates

Get a rental quote on MIG welders using our easy online quoting system. We have options for long term rentals, leasing and purchase. Not sure exactly which MIG machine is right for the job? One of our equipment experts will be happy to make a recommendation. We're North America's trusted welding equipment rental experts. Click on the Get a Quote button to add any of our MIG welding machines to your quote request list. Choose several machines if you want to compare our rates. We will get back to you with a free, no obligation quote.

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