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LT7 Submerged Arc Tractor

LT7 Submerged Arc TractorLT7 Submerged Arc Tractor

Fonctionnalités essentielles

  • Self-Propelled Mechanized DC Wire Feeder
  • Track and Trackless Versions
  • Wire Size Range - Solid Wire 3/32 - 3/16"
  • For Flat and Horizontal Submerged-Arc Welds
  • Procédés: Submerged Arc (SAW)

The LT7 is a self-propelled mechanized DC wire feeder for submerged arc welding. Perfect in heavy fabrication industries where long welds in the flat and horizontal position are required. May be used with or without an optional track.

Détails du produit


Welding Amp Capacity: up to 1000 amps
Wire Feed Speed: 100 - 400 IPM
Travel Speed: 6 - 70 IPM
Wire Size Range: 3/32" - 3/16"
Weight: 65 lb (29.5 kg)
Dimensions: 27.5" (699 mm) W: 33" (838 mm) L: 14" (356 mm)


Submerged Arc (SAW)

Fonctionnalités supplémentaires


  • Self-propelled, mechanized DC wire feeder for submerged arc welding
  • Invaluable for heavy fabrication because of its speed and ease of use
  • Perfect anywhere that long welds in the flat and horizontal positions are required
  • Can be used with or without track
  • Solid state controls precisely regulate procedures for reliable starting and economical welding to exacting requirements
  • Automatic compensation for input voltage and tractor loading variations which minimizes wire feed and tractor speed changes while welding
  • Close mechanical alignment between wire and joint maximizes weld quality
  • Exceptional tracking and self-steering in most applications permits operation with only one operator
  • Operates off 115 VAC power
  • Makes butt, fillet, and trough welds on heavy plate or steel as light as 12 gauge (2.5 mm)
  • A portable and flexible automatic welding head designed for ship and barge building, spherical storage tank erection, bridge deck installation, beam, girder, or column fabrication, long seams on heavy weldments
  • All controls are located on the tractor, eliminating the need to return to the power source for routine procedure changes
  • Adjustments to electrode stickout or welding angles and tractor configuration changes can be made quickly and easily
  • Requires only simple, routine maintenance for trouble-free, hardworking operation


  • Current and voltage meters for monitoring weld parameters while welding
  • 115 VAC control switch
  • Inch buttons feed the electrode up and down at fixed inch speed
  • Push buttons start and stop the arc and travel
  • 115 VAC receptacle provides 120 watts of power for work lights
  • Calibrated travel speed control sets speed of travel in inches per minute
  • Direction of travel switch sets forward or reverse tractor direction for easy setup
  • Travel switch controls the tractor travel for automatic starting and stopping when welding, travel without welding during setup, and travel off
  • CC-CV switch is inside control box for selecting between constant current and constant voltage power sources

Options, accessoires et équipement complémentaire

K227 -1 trackless version
K395-1 track version
Required Options: Nozzle assembly, control cable, weld power cable, power source

Track conversion kit
Track sections
Linc-Fill attachments
Concentric flux cone assembly
Horizontal fillet and lap adapter kit
Flat fillet adapter kit
Butt seam guide kit
Tiny Twinarc adapter kit
Magnetic separator
Flux screen
Welding wire and other consumables sold separately

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LT7 Submerged Arc Tractor

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