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Welding Efficiency Analysis

Find the hidden costs robbing your profits! Analyze your welding operation and see how it compares with your peers. Are you average, better, or worse? Find out with our FREE Welding Efficiency Analysis services.

We Know Metal Fabrication

With decades of successfully addressing the industry’s most formidable issues, we help our customers understand and control many of the hidden costs that rob efficiency and profits from most welding operations through our FREE Welding Efficiency Analysis services.

Welding Performance

How efficient are you? We have found that many fabricators and manufacturers know they have problems in their operation but struggle with quantifying the real costs associated with those problems. We’ll show you what your key welding metrics are telling us and help you turn that into greater profitability.

Unlocking the Hidden Cost of Welding Class

This three-and-a-half day investment of your time will pay you back many times over. Designed for business owners, department heads, shop foremen, and other decision makers, you’ll learn from the experts about how to take 20% or more out of your operating costs, improve quality, and do both without any capital investment.

We’ll Help You...

Analyze your welding operations, including comparative usage of consumables Understand how you compare to peer benchmarks and best practices Quantify and prioritize improvement opportunities For more information or to begin the enrollment process please provide your contact information and get started today!

Results From Hundreds of Analyses Shows

Most welding operations strike an arc (actually weld) only 9 minutes out of every hour.

Welding Efficiency Analysis

Most welding operations waste nearly half of the shielding gas & mig consumables they purchase.

Welding Efficiency Analysis

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